History major SimCity games.

1989.: SimCity.
In 1993.: SimCity 2000.
In 1999.: SimCity 3000.
2003.: SimCity 4 + Rush Hour expansion.
In 2007.: SimCity DS.
In 2007.: SimCity Societies.
In 2008.: SimCity Creator.
In 2008.: SimCity DS 2.
In 2011.: SimCity Deluxe iPad / Android.
In 2013.: SimCity (5?).

From the imagination of prolific Will Wright (Sims dad if you did not know).SimCity.is a series of games based management and construction management of a city from A to Z.

The first.SimCity., Released in 1989, became the precursor of type "city-builder." The peculiarity of the kind is that there is no specific targets. If it does succeed as mayor to develop his city without going bankrupt or being fired, which is already difficult in itself. If you can make your city a megalopolis pleasant, your taxpayers will thank you by offering you special buildings to be constructed.

This ode to urbanization is seen still has a system of disasters that can put your city in shambles. Randomly or on request, these disasters (tsunami in the form of / fire / hurricane and other) break the routine and spice up your life as mayor.

Another way to boredom is to go through the scenarios proposed by the game, with events and different objectives to complete in already built: Invasion of Godzilla in Tokyo? To you to repair the damage. Pollution problem on the coast of Rio de Janeiro? It's time to change environmental policy!

However, these scenarios disappear.SimCity 4., The album that brings a big breath of fresh air in the series while incorporating all the right ingredients of the license. Now it no longer runs a city but an entire region! And the concept of management is still further: every public building can be micro-managed, we can determine how many doctors and beds must be made available in one of several area hospitals, it helps to balance health spending depending on the actual number of patients for example.

Since then,.SimCity.:.Societies.(PC).Creator.(Wii) could not surpass or even match the level achieved by management.SimCity 4.combined with its extension.Rush Hour.

.   Contrary to the spirit of the series, they have wanted more accessible and do not exhibit large ambitions. Note, also, that the licenseSimCity.is also passed on our portable consoles like the Nintendo DS or even on Androphones and notecards, drawing on their touch screens that allow a more intuitive gameplay, but are merely ports.

That is why the announcement of the future.SimCity (5?).was very well received, remains to be seen if he will keep his promises.